DS01 Form for Company Dissolution

The DS01 form is an important document in the United Kingdom for the voluntary dissolution or striking of a business from the Companies House register. This form is used to officially close a company that is no longer in business or has served its function. In this post, we will look at some frequently asked questions concerning the DS01 form in order to assist you understand its purpose, requirements, and the process of dissolving a business using this form.

What is the DS01 form?

The DS01 form is used in the United Kingdom to seek the voluntary dissolution or striking off a company from the Companies House register in UK. It is used to start the process of closing down a company that is no longer in operation or is no longer needed.

Why would I need to use the DS01 form?

If you want to dissolve a company that is no longer active, you must submit the DS01 form to companies house. This might be due to a variety of factors such as the completion of a specific project, financial issues, or the choice of the board of directors to dissolve the company.

What are the requirements for using the DS01 form?

There are certain criteria you need to follow if you need to dissolve the company in the UK by using the DS01 form. These include discontinuing all trading activities of the company, clearing all outstanding obligations, and verifying that the company has not traded or changed its name in the previous three months. Furthermore, the company’s directors must gain shareholder approval for the dissolution.

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What are the requirements for using the DS01 form

How do I fill out the DS01 form?

You can download DS01 form from the Companies House website in pdf format. Visit their website, navigate to the “Forms” section, and search for the DS01 form. It is available in PDF format and can be downloaded and printed for completion. You will need to enter the details such as the company name, registration number, and the reason for dissolution. You will also need to confirm that the company has stopped trading, paid all debts, and obtained shareholders consent. The form must be signed by a director or authorized person of the company.

Can we submit ds01 form online?

No, the DS01 form cannot be submitted online. You must take a printout of the DS01 form and it must be filled out manually, signed, and sent by mail to the address provided in the form.

What is the fees for DS01 form processing?

The fee for processing the DS01 form is £10.

How to send ds01 form?

To send the DS01 form for the voluntary dissolution or striking off of a company in the UK, you will need to follow these steps:

Fill out the DS01 form: Fill out the DS01 form completely, including the business data, grounds for dissolution, confirmation of halting trading, payment of obligations, and shareholder permission. Make certain that the paperwork is signed by a director or another authorized individual.

Prepare supporting documents (if required): Prepare any necessary supporting papers: In some situations, extra documents may be required to accompany the DS01 form. Minutes of the shareholder meeting at which the decision to dissolve the firm was taken, as well as any applicable resolutions or paperwork supporting the decision, might be included. 

Make copies: For your records, make copies of the completed DS01 form and any supporting papers.

Submit the following form to Companies House: Mail the original DS01 form and any accompanying documentation to Companies House. The address to which the should be sent

Companies House
Crown Way
CF14 3UZ
United Kingdom

How to send DS01 Form

What happens after submitting the DS01 form?

Once the DS01 form is submitted to Companies House, they will review the application and notify you if any additional information or documentation is required. If the application is accepted, the company’s name will be published in the Gazette to allow interested parties to object to the dissolution of the company. If no objections are raised within the specified time frame, the company will be dissolved and struck off the Companies House register.

How long does the dissolution process take?

The company dissolution process might take a long time. After submitting the DS01 form, it usually takes two to three months for the company to be dissolved in UK. However, the time can be changed by due to various reasons like Companies House’s workload, any objections received, or any further information or documents required.

Can I restore a company after it has been dissolved using the DS01 form?

Under specific conditions, a company that has been dissolved using the DS01 form may apply for company restoration. However, restoration methods and regulations vary depending on the unique circumstances, therefore it is best to get expert guidance to fully comprehend the process and ramifications of reviving a dissolved firm.

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Can I restore a company after it has been dissolved using the DS01 form

Conclusion of DS01 Form for Company Dissolution:

The DS01 form is legal process for the voluntary dissolution or striking off of a company in the United Kingdom. By understanding the purpose, requirements, and process of using the DS01 form, company directors can ensure the proper closure of a company that is no longer active or required to operate. When completing and submitting the DS01 form, it is important to follow the rules and obtain expert guidance to guarantee compliance with legal requirements and a smooth dissolution procedure.

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