In the United Kingdom, when employees are unable to work due to illness or injury, they may be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) by their employers. Employees are often required to provide their employers with a medical statement known as Form SC2 if they want to claim SSP. This form serves as an evidence of the employee’s inability to work and assists employers in administration of sick pay.

In this Form SC2 post, we will look into Form SC2 more details in a questions-and-answers format to gain a thorough understanding of its purpose, content, and its usage when employees required it.

What is Form SC2?

Form SC2 is a medical statement given in the United Kingdom by a doctor or medical practitioner to certify an employee’s inability to work due to illness or injury. This form will help employee to claim SSP from employer.

Who provides Form SC2?

A doctor or medical expert who has evaluated and assessed the employee’s condition completes and submits Form SC2.

Why is Form SC2 required?

Form SC2 is required when an employee is absent from work due to illness or injury for more than seven consecutive days, including non-working days (also known as “qualifying days”).

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Why is Form SC2 required

What information is included in Form SC2?

Form SC2 includes details such as the employee’s name, address, National Insurance number, date of birth, the date of the assessment, and the expected duration of the incapacity to work. Employee has to submit this Form SC2 to his employer to claim SSP

How should Form SC2 be completed?

The doctor or medical professional must accurately complete all sections of Form SC2, including providing a diagnosis, describing the employee’s incapacity, and indicating the expected duration of the incapacity.

Can a self-certification form be used instead of Form SC2?

For absences of up to seven consecutive days, including non-working days, employees can use a self-certification form (Form SC1) to notify their employers of their incapacity to work. Form SC2 is required for absences lasting beyond seven days. More details on Form SC2

Can a self-certification form be used instead of Form SC2

How should Form SC2 be submitted to the employer?

After the doctor or medical practitioner has completed Form SC2, the employee should return the original copy to their employer as soon as feasible.

Can Form SC2 be submitted electronically?

Yes, employers may accept electronic versions of Form SC2. However, you should check with your employer’s specific policies and protocols for filing medical declarations.

How does Form SC2 affect Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)?

Form SC2 is used by employers to determine an employee’s eligibility for SSP. It helps in determining the duration and payment of SSP based on the employee’s inability to work.

How does Form SC2 affect Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

Can employers request additional medical evidence besides Form SC2?

Employers may request more medical proof or explanation from the employee’s doctor or medical expert in specific instances. This may be required if the information on Form SC2 is insufficient or if there are concerns about the employee’s ability to work.

Are employees required to pay for Form SC2?

Form SC2 should be provided by the doctor or medical professional free of charge to the employee. Employees should not incur any costs associated with obtaining Form SC2.

What happens if an employee fails to provide Form SC2?

If an employee fails to provide Form SC2 or any other required medical evidence, the employer may delay or refuse to pay Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) until the necessary documentation is provided.

What happens if an employee fails to provide Form SC2

Can employers request additional information from employees regarding their illness or injury?

Employers are generally not entitled to request specific details about an employee’s medical condition. They are only concerned with the employee’s incapacity to work and the expected duration of the incapacity, as indicated on Form SC2.

How long should employees retain a copy of Form SC2?

Employees should keep a copy of Form SC2 for their records, as it serves as proof of their incapacity to work and may be required for future reference or claims.

Can employers contact the doctor or medical professional directly?

Employers should not contact the employee’s doctor directly who has submitted Form SC2 for their employee. Unless there is a legitimate need for clarification or additional information required from the doctor or medical professional. Such contact or communication should always be conducted with the employee’s consent and in compliance with the data protection laws in the UK.

Conclusion of Form SC2

Form SC2 is a necessary document that aids in the administration of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) in the United Kingdom. Employees must receive and quickly submit Form SC2 to their employers to guarantee proper and timely processing of their sick pay. Employers, on the other hand, should treat Form SC2 with care and only utilize the information given for dispensing sick pay and monitoring employee absences.

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