UTR Number

In UK Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) number is a 10-digit number assigned to individuals and organizations by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). The name itself is defined as unique which states that it’s a unique number for everyone in the UK whether individuals or organizations. It is also used in many UK government related tasks as a unique reference number like filing of self assessment tax returns, paying other taxes to UK HMRC, claiming tax refunds, and applying for other benefits in the UK.

The UTR number is required for everyone who has to file a tax return in the United Kingdom. This comprises self-employed people, sole traders, LTD companies, and partnerships. It is also essential for individuals who earn money from rental properties or investments, or who are eligible for certain tax credits or benefits.

The UTR number is an important tool or reference number used by HMRC to track taxpayers in the United Kingdom. It is required for individuals and organizations who file a tax return, and it offers various benefits, including the ability for taxpayers to handle their tax affairs online and register for VAT. While applying for a UTR number can be time-consuming, it is critical to do it well in advance of any tax reporting deadlines to avoid fines or interest costs by HMRC. Overall, the UTR number is an important aspect of the UK tax system, and knowing how to use it and why it is important will help taxpayers remain on top of their tax responsibilities.

In this UTR article, we will discuss in detail about the benefits of UTR, who required the UTR in UK and why,  we’ll also discuss the complete process to apply for it and more information on it in a questions and answers format which will help you to understand it better. After reading the article if you still have any questions on UTR please feel free to comment below and we’ll try to answer it.

What is UTR number in UK?

A UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) number is a 10-digit reference number issued by HMRC used in the UK to identify individuals or organizations for tax purposes.

Who need UTR number in UK?

Anyone who has to file a tax return in the UK requires a UTR number which will help HMRC to keep track of all previous and current year tax returns (if any) filed, including self-employed or sole trader individuals, partners in a business, company directors, and individuals with rental income or other sources of taxable income in UK.

UTR number is of how many digits?

Its a 10 digit code also known as UTR number issued by HMRC.

Who can apply for UTR number?

Self-employed or sole trader individuals and those who get income from sources other than employment can register with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) online or by phone in order to request a UTR number. People can register with HMRC online through the official government website or by phoning the self-assessment hotline indicated above in order to request a UTR number. Name, residence, date of birth, National Insurance number, and information on any income received are just a few of the facts that must be provided throughout the registration procedure.

How to apply for UTR number?

People can register with HMRC online through the official government website or by phoning the self-assessment hotline indicated above in order to request a UTR number. Name, residence, date of birth, National Insurance number, and information on any income received are just a few of the facts that must be provided throughout the registration procedure.

Applying for a UTR number is a straight forward process. If you are sole trader or self employed you can apply UTR number through official HMRC website either you can phone HMRC helpline number and request for UTR application form to be sent to your postal address in UK. Print copy of UTR form will reach to within 2-3 weeks. Once you receive the form fill it and attach all the documents and send it back to HMRC.

While you register your company in UK on Companies House you can opt for UTR number to be issued to you. You will be assigned UTR number as part of company registration process.

Applying UTR number online through HMRC official website is very simple process. You also have the option to phone HMRC and apply for UTR number the helpline number is 0300 200 3310.  If you apply online through phone you need to submit or provide your personal details like your name, address in UK, National Insurance number, and details of income sources apart from PAYE employment. 

After you submit all the details HMRC will review your application and assign a new UTR number reference for you and will sent it to you by post. The whole application review process will take up to eight weeks so its important to apply UTR number well in advance if you need to file a self assessment tax return in UK.

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How to apply UTR number

How to contact HMRC for UTR number?

0300 200 3310 is the HMRC helpline number for UTR  reference code queries.

What if I Can’t Find My UTR Number?

Call HMRC Self Assessment hotline number at 0300 200 3310 if you are unable to locate your UTR number. Your UTR number can be given to you over the phone or sent to you in the mail once they ask you for certain personal information to confirm your identification.

How to apply for UK tax refund using UTR number?

Claiming a tax refund from HMRC is a simple process. Before you claim for tax return you need to file your self-assessment tax return for the year for which you want the tax claim. Filing of self assessment tax return can be done through HMRC official website or through self assessment tax return helpline number. In the self assessment you must include your business profits, expenses you did, and advance tax you may have paid to HMRC. After you submission of self assessment and tax claim form HMRC will review you form and update you whether you are eligible for tax return or not.

How to download form to apply UTR number?

You can download the UTR application form (known as “HM Revenue and Customs: Becoming Self-Employed” (form CWF1) from HMRC official website, here is the link or you may call HMRC helpline number 0300 200 3310 and ask for the form through post.

What to do if UTR number not working or not active?

If you have a problem with your UTR number not being active or not appearing on the HMRC website or mobile app. Call the HMRC helpline and chat with them; they will be able to rectify the situation.

How to verify UTR number on HMRC website?

There is a facility on HMRC official website to check UTR number is valid or not. You can click on “Check your UTR” on HMRC official website and verify the details of UTR number.

How to verify UTR number on HMRC website

UTR number required for CIS?

UTR numbers are required for those working in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) as a self-employed contractor. CIS is a scheme whereby contractors deduct money from a subcontractor’s payments and pass it to HMRC as an advance payment towards the subcontractor’s tax and National Insurance contributions.

How UK non-residents apply for UTR number?

UTR number can also be applied by Non-residents of UK if they have business in UK and earn profits from the business they have. They can apply online directly through HMRC official website or phone HMRC helpline number and apply for UTR number by giving all the details HMRC requires.

What all documents required to apply for UTR number?

To apply UTR number below documents are required

– Your NI (National Insurance) Number
– Your name, address, date of birth, phone number, and email address 
– Your source of income in UK like are you self-employed and/or about your employment if any 
– Other sources of income in the UK like rental income, dividends, and savings interest

Who generates the UTR number?

UTR number generated by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) when an individual or sole trader registers for self-assessment tax.

Can UK international student apply for UTR number?

Yes, International students in the UK are also eligible to apply for a UTR number if they make revenue  from a sole trader business or earn any rental income in the UK.

What are the benefits of UTR number?

Benefits of having a UTR number are

– It enables HMRC to keep track of your tax affairs and ensure you pay the correct amount of tax.
– It is important to file a self-assessment tax return if you have income that is not taxed at source.
– Because each taxpayer is assigned a unique identification, it helps to eliminate record duplication.
– It helps HMRC in the simplification of tax collecting and processing.

Individuals and businesses can profit from the UTR number in a multiple ways. One of the primary benefits is that you may handle your tax issues online using HMRC’s online services. You may save time and decrease the chance of mistakes by filing tax returns online, seeing your tax account, and making payments online.

You can claim certain tax credits such as child tax credit (CTC) and working tax credit (WTC) once you have UTR number.

Furthermore, under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), the UTR number is used to check the status of contractors and subcontractors. If you operate in the construction business, you must present your UTR number to your clients as well as HMRC in order to be registered for the CIS.

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Benefits of UTR number

Can we check UTR number in HMRC mobile app?

HMRC mobile app doesn’t have the feature to verify UTR number at present.

Can we close UTR number?

By calling HMRC’s Self Assessment helpdesk at 0300 200 3310, you can ask to have your UTR number closed if you are no longer self-employed or have any income that disqualifies you from filing a self-assessment tax return. Keep in mind that you might need to re-register and get a new UTR number if you ever need to file a tax return

Is there any phone number to apply new UTR number?

Yes, call HMRC self assessment helpline at 0300 200 3310 to apply for a new UTR number.

Can limited company apply for UTR number?

A UTR number is necessary for a limited business to register with HMRC in order to pay corporation tax. Prior to receiving a UTR number from HMRC, the company must first register with Companies House and have the company number.

What if you didn’t received your UTR number?

After registering with HMRC, if you haven’t received your UTR number, you may check the progress of your application by calling the Self Assessment helpdesk at 0300 200 3310.

How to pay tax using UTR number?

To pay self assessment tax using your UTR number, you can use the HMRC online portal to submit your self-assessment tax return and make a payment. Alternatively, you can pay by phone or by bank transfer using the payment details provided on your tax bill or on the HMRC website.

How to pay tax using UTR number

How UTR number works?

In the UK every person who is eligible for UTR has a unique identifier for each taxpayer and HMRC uses that identifier to keep track of tax affairs. It is generated by HMRC when eligible individuals or companies register themselves for self assessment tax. Every person’s UTR number stays the same unless they ask for it to be closed or reregister to get a new UTR number. The UTR number is required for a number of tax-related operations, such as submitting self-assessment tax returns and paying HMRC.

HMRC will use this information to assess your tax due and notify you of any required payments.

UTR number is also used by the CIS to check the status of contractors and subcontractors. If you are a contractor or subcontractor in the construction business, you must present your UTR number to your clients as well as HMRC in order to be registered for the CIS.

Where can I find my UTR number?

You can find your UTR number on any Self Assessment documents that HMRC has sent to you, such as a notice to file a tax return or a tax calculation. You can also find it online through your Government Gateway account or by contacting the Self Assessment helpline on 0300 200 3310.

Can UTR number be changed?

No, UTR number once issued by HMRC cannot be changed as its a unique identifier for every taxpayer. If you need to change your UTR number you need to contact HMRC and re-register for UTR number again

Can’t find my UTR number?

If you cannot locate your UTR number, call the Self Assessment hotline at 0300 200 3310. They will ask you for some personal details to verify your identification before providing you with your UTR number over the phone or by mail.

Can a UTR number expire?

UTR numbers do not expire. Once issued, they remain the same unless you register for a new UTR number or request to close your current UTR number.

Is UTR number safe to share?

Yes, because UTR numbers are used by HMRC to identify taxpayers and are not sensitive information, they are safe to share. You should, however, exercise caution while sharing your UTR number to ensure that it is only shared with authorized people.

Is the UTR number same as VAT number?

No, the UTR number and the VAT number are not the same. The UTR number is used for self-assessment tax reasons, whereas the VAT number identifies enterprises that are VAT (Value Added Tax) registered.

How to check is my UTR number still active?

Below are the steps to check whether your UTR number is active or not: 

1. Visit HMRC website  
2. Log into your HMRC account using your credentials. 
3. After logged in go to self assessment tax or personal tax
4. View your tax details or account information, as this section will have your UTR number in it and its status
5. If you are enable to find your UTR number you should immediately contact HMRC and ask for assistance

How to find UTR number?

Regarding how to find your UTR number, you typically receive it when you register for self-assessment with HMRC. Here are a few ways you can locate your UTR number:

Previous documents: Check any previous self-assessment tax returns, payment reminders, or other correspondence from HMRC. Your UTR number is often mentioned on these documents.

Online account: If you have an online HMRC account, your UTR number should be displayed in your account details or tax information section.

HMRC correspondence: Look through letters or emails you have received from HMRC. Your UTR number may be included in the communication.

Accountant or tax advisor: If you use the services of an accountant or tax advisor, they should have your UTR number on record.

Is UTR number and NI same in UK?

No, UTR number and NI number are not same they both are used different objectives in UK. Both are issued by the UK government but their function is different from each other like. 

UTR number is 10 digit number which is for tax affairs in UK. Mainly self-employed or sole trader use UTR number to file their taxes in UK. 

NI Number is issued by Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to track NI contributions by us and our employment history and eligibility for certain benefits.

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